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Musou Meditation Madness! -5 Franchises That Need a Warriors Spinoff

Way back in my mid teens, a friend showed me a little PlayStation 2 game called Dynasty Warriors 3. While a quite simplistic game in terms of mechanics, I was enraptured by the cartoonishly overpowered combatants, sprawling battlefields and horrendous voice acting that made the cutscenes feel like an old, badly dubbed Chinese movie. I …

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Mobile Suit Nuzlocke Challenge Week 1 – Shattered Dreams

Well, so much for week one… The challenge started out rocky, with my rival nearly defeating me in our very first battle and some equally terrifying critical hits while building up my initial team of four. I knew choosing Charmamder would make things tricky starting out, but I piled on the training until he learned …

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Gotham: Rise of the Roster

MILD SPOILER WARNING!¬†As Gotham season 2 has been out in America since late last year and started broadcast in the UK a few weeks ago, a couple of small plot points will inevitably be brought up in today’s post. Okay? Cool. Well now, this was supposed to be written up a LONG time ago; pretty …

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