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Announcing a New Series of Blog Posts!

As the new anime season begins I find myself planning to watch a few new series as they come out for the first time in my life as an otaku, and that’s gotten me thinking creatively about my own self-image as an anime fan. I named this blog The Omega Geek after the Omega wolf, …

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Nuzlocke is Frozen solid!

Just a quick post to mention that the Mobile Suit Nuzlocke Challenge is on hold this week as I’ve been busy preparing for Minamicon in Southampton this weekend. I’ll be firing up the DS again when I get back, and probably doing a write-up of the convention too. See you next week!

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The Journey of a Thousand Random Musings…

…begins with a single awkward, clunky introductory post! Welcome to the Omega Geek! My screen-name is Stryke, and I first conceived this blog with a single thought about a single piece of video game music with the intent to make it a place to discuss tunes from games, anime and anything else that speak to …

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