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My Top 10 Anime Characters Discovered in 2016

Belated New Year’s greetings dear readers! Whatever you did to acknowledge another trip around the sun, I hope you enjoyed it! This time last year I cast my mind back to the animated shows I had watched in 2015 and had a great time picking out a list of ten characters that I had discovered …

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10 Great Engrish Anime Themes

At some point in our lives we have all come across the wonderful world of Engrish; foreign use of the English language that is either poorly spelled, poorly structured or otherwise just plain wrong, with hilarious results. Japan in particular likes to use English words in order to make their products look cooler and more …

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Retrospective – My Top 10 Animated Characters Discovered in 2015

The Christmas/New Year period is the time that the internet collectively looks back on everything and itemizes it all. Well, I’m always one to run straggling behind the bandwagon. Since as a self-styled omega in the wolf pack that is geek culture I often get into franchises after everyone else I thought I would run …

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