Where Does the Time Go? – Mobile Suit Nuzlocke Challenge Weeks 20-23

Oh man, has it really been almost a whole month since I last updated the challenge? That’s worse than I thought… Truth is I just haven’t been much in the right sort of mood for the potential kick in the teeth that the Nuzlocke run has been threatening me with as I near the end. My hours at work have been different for a while and wiping me out, so I’ve looked elsewhere for my entertainment. Not to worry though, I did make a little progress after my last update!

Of course, my first act after evolving Seravee into Slowbro was to march up to the Viridian Gym and take it on one trainer at a time. And honestly for the final gym it wasn’t much of a hassle at all as my team is currently pretty heavy on the water and grass types. Of note was a quite entertaining battle of attrition with one trainer’s Sandslash and it’s Sand-Attacks versus my Gouf (Tangela), some missed Giga Drains and a lot of Fresh Water! Giovanni didn’t pose much challenge against the combined might of Seravee and Z’Gok (Gyarados) though, and I swiftly earned my Earth Badge, effectively dismantling Team Rocket (for now…)


Not so tough without Mewtwo are you Giovanni!?

My next move was to reshuffle the party a bit and take on Char before making the rounds on Victory Road. This too proved pleasantly simple. I had been worrying about how to get around his Exeggcute with my type disadvantages, but found surprising salvation in Burnern (Jolteon) who took it out with two well-aimed Pin Missiles, in addition to dominating Char’s Pidgeot and Blastoise. Really feeling the advantages of Jolteons now; they’re definitely a Pokémon I plan to use more in the future!

And that, sadly, is as far as I got in the last month of play; life and other, shinier games sadly got in the way. Speaking of which, there’s another little monster-based game that recently got released and is staring down the barrels of a couple of blog posts… Until next time, which I promise will be sooner!


Spr_3e_135 Burnern

Spr_3f_114.png Gouf

wp-1459797127232.png Z’Gok

wp-1467140988864.png Seravee

wp-1459797111515.png Sandrock

wp-1459797140362.png Deathscythe


wp-1459797169840.png Dark

wp-1458516371800.png Zero

wp-1464644641222.png Turn-X

Spr_3f_006 Epyon

Spr_3f_075 Kapool

Spr_3f_037 BuCue

wp-1467141789174.png Forbidden

wp-1464643887882.png Fuunsaiki


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