Announcing a New Series of Blog Posts!

As the new anime season begins I find myself planning to watch a few new series as they come out for the first time in my life as an otaku, and that’s gotten me thinking creatively about my own self-image as an anime fan. I named this blog The Omega Geek after the Omega wolf, who trails behind the rest of the pack and only eats what’s left when the others are finished, as it often takes me a long time to get around to watching  things that are already popular.

I’m sure I’m not the only otaku who gets into things late, and since more young people are discovering anime for the first time I came upon the idea of helping out by discussing a few older anime that I consider worth watching. So it gives me great pleasure to announce a new blog series: “You Mean You Haven’t Watched…” (I’m sure we’ve all had someone express that sentiment about a popular show!) where I will give a brief synopsis of an older anime that I have enjoyed and discuss what makes me fond of them.

Hopefully this will help anyone who hasn’t seen the shows in question to dive deeper into anime, past the new properties that are doing the fan dance in the limelight! Anime is an old, old pastime, and I consider exploring it’s heritage can lead to a greater appreciation of where the contemporary material gets its inspiration. Here’s hoping for a successful new venture! To the keyboard!


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