Two Birds With One Stone – Mobile Suit Nuzlocke Challenge Weeks 18-19

Ups and downs, downs and ups, the Mobile Suit Nuzlocke keeps rolling on. Play has been brief this fortnight, so let’s keep the update similar. (Upon friends’ recommendations I’ll be putting Pokémon species in parentheses after their nicknames from here on, in case people forget who is what)

I decided to teach Forbidden (Kabuto) Rock Smash to get me through Mt. Ember and squeeze in some training, which was ruined when a wild Geodude took it out with a Magnitude 10. Really starting to lose party members at a rapid pace now; I fear for my rebound potential. Missed out on catching anything new, so I got some EXP out of Moltres (playing the no legendaries rule) and got the hell out of dodge in order to clean up a couple of loose ends.

I confirmed that Lapras’ location is listed as Silph Co so hit up the Fighting Dojo and grabbed Hitmonchan for some type coverage punches, named it Maxter after looking up more G Gundam suits. Good times. Next stop was a quick round of the Power Plant which finally netted me Blitz the Pikachu, though I was really hoping for a Magnemite instead. I got a fair bit of training in until my heart was broken as a Magneton destroyed my darling Fuunsaiki (Ponyta). Utterly dejected I resolved to quit for the week after taking on Zapdos, who went down super-quick thanks to Sandrock (Sandslash). Afterwards Servee (Slowpoke) was very close to leveling up so I used the Vs Seeker to evolve it to Slowbro before clocking out of a very disappointing couple of weeks. Gotta pull it together for Viridian Gym and the final challenges beyond…

















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