Oh Good God No! – Mobile Suit Nuzlocke Challenge Week 12-13

It turns out I was more afraid of Sabrina than I thought, because after getting thoroughly lost in Silph Co. HQ and easily taking out Giovanni last Monday I didn’t touch Pokemon again until this Friday!

The first step was a little housekeeping, as I rather embarrassingly realised that Lapras needed renaming; I had already named Geodude Kapool! So now I have Abyss the Lapras. Anyway, on to Saffron Gym, which was going just fine before a couple of terrible errors. Firstly I misunderstood how Destiny Bond works and lost Turn-X, who I had grown so fond of, to a measly Gastly. I really need to research how unfamiliar moves work from now on. Second, and most heartwrenching of all, while facing Sabrina’s own Venomoth I took a foolish, idiotic gamble through confusion and lost my dear, sweet Epyon, who had only recently evolved! If I could give only one piece of advice for Nuzlocke runs it would be don’t mess around when your Pokemon are confused. It just isn’t worth it.


Looks like I’ll be visiting Pokemon Tower a lot to pay my respects. I’m sorry I failed you my friends.

Fortunately Virtue and Z’Gok managed to clean up the rest of Sabrina’s group and I set about training up Deathscythe and Kapool on my way to the Seafoam Islands, catching Hambrabi  the Tentacool (but who really cares about Tentacools anyway?). Kapool became Graveler, and Deathscythe earned my ire by killing the Slowpoke I was trying to catch in Seafoam; that thing could have become a powerhouse…

We left Seafoam without encountering Articuno for the moment as I was itching to get on and didn’t fancy the prospect of losing more team members. on Cinnabar Island I looked forward to catching something new in Pokemon Mansion, but the first two Pokemon I found were a Raticate and Rattata. Damn. The final straw that made me put down the DS for another week was yet another loss. Taking on a trainer’s Magneton, I completely forgot that Rollout continues automatically and thus Kapool fell, once again due to my own stupidity. Severely missing my Fire type, I rotated BuCue in with the intention of some intense training before moving on.

I can only hope that from now on I take a LOT more care with my team…


Spr_3f_037 BuCue

Spr_3e_135 Burnern

wp-1459797140362.png Deathscythe

Spr_3f_143 Virtue

wp-1459797111515.png Sandrock

wp-1459797127232.png Z’Gok


wp-1458516404522.png Dark

wp-1458516371800.png Zero

Spr_3f_049 Turn-X

Spr_3f_006 Epyon

Spr_3f_075 Kapool


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