Koga Needs Mothballs – Mobile Suit Nuzlocke Challenge Week 10

Another week with only a Pokémon update… Bear with me, I’m sitting on some interesting ideas, just need some more hashing out.

And now, Stryke’s handy guide to playing the Safari Zone in Nuzlocke Step One: DON’T THROW ROCKS! A Pinsir missed out on, lesson learned, I flew back to Celadon, took down Snorlax number two, and took a spin down Cycling Road to beef up Turn-X for the upcoming Gym. It evolved to Venomoth in short order and became more than capable of holding its own in battle. Cycling Road also netted me a Doduo, which I christened Tryon after the most bizzare gunpla in all of Build Fighters. Ran Turn-X through a few more trainer battles until it could use Psybeam then headed back to Fuchsia.


Oh geez, I’d better have enough Antidotes…

You know what I forgot about Fuchsia Gym? There are like four trainers in the poison gym that use psychic Pokémon. Not so great for last-second gym leader training, but handy for getting the rest of the party caught up a little. I had my reservations about whether Turn-X would be sturdy enough to take out Koga, but with the assistance of a few Super Potions the scarily big moth actualy managed to one-shot me to the Soulbadge! Now if I could just make my way through the Safari Zone to pick up my HMs…


Spr_3f_049 Turn-X

wp-1458516371800.png Zero

Spr_3e_135 Burnern

wp-1459797127232.png Z’Gok

wp-1456603719476.png Epyon

Spr_3f_143 Virtue


wp-1459797169840.png Dark



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