The Unexpected Virtue of Snorlax – Mobile Suit Nuzlocke Challenge Week 9

I gotta admit, I didn’t find a lot of time for Nuzlocking this week (been busy with home decorating, yay grown up life!) Which isn’t to say that the week was a bust, I just made far less progress than usual.

So last week left me saved hovering above the accursed Snorlax on Route 12, so there was nothing left but to put Sandrock on point, break out the Poke Flute and take care of business. Several bouts of Rest and Dig later and the big lug was mine. What to call it? Hmm, a slow, fat mobile suit? Say hello to Virtue! (And the fight would have gone much quicker if I’d known in advance Snorlax can’t be poisoned, so many wasted Poison Stings…)


Oh yes, I’m gonna start sprinkling some Image Search screenshots around here, spice things up a bit!

The rest of play this week was a long, slow trek down Routes 12-15, which reaped another two teammates: Cancer the Krabby and Turn-X the Venonat, the latter getting switched in because it knows Confusion and there were a lot of Bikers around. Too bad it’s Special Attack is kinda weak. Virtue also got to make try-outs, and I have to say I’m impressed! Never really used Snorlax before, and though it’s moveset is a little esoteric those Headbutts are killer!

Still no new evolutions, so my Pokedex is horribly slim. Who doesn’t have the Itemfinder by this point!? Madness! I love my Raticate, but hate every single other Rattata in Kanto for locking me out of so many areas! Finished off the week in Fuchsia City, so moving forward we’ll see if the Safari Zone nets me an unexpected rare or just a Rhyhorn (or nothing).


wp-1458516269766.png Epyon

wp-1458516371800.png Zero

wp-1459797127232.png Z’Gok

Spr_3e_135 Burnern

Spr_3f_143 Virtue

Spr_3f_048 Turn-X


wp-1459797169840.png Dark


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