Monthly Archives: March, 2016

Mobile Suit Nuzlocke Challenge Week Five – God Bless Raticate

I didn’t pick the challenge up until late this week as I was distracted by Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Hakuoki, and after my first session I was about ready to write the week off as a disaster, but it picked back up after a fashion. First off I took Dark into Cerulean City Gym …

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Mobile Suit Nuzlocke Challenge Week Four – Oh God, Not The Bees!

Not a whole lot was accomplished in the challenge this week, as the post-convention period isn’t a very productive time (also I was discouraged from tough gaming by facing the Elite Four in Platinum for the first time and discovering that I’m nowhere near ready for Celia.. Hoo boy). That’s not to say no progress …

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Nuzlocke is Frozen solid!

Just a quick post to mention that the Mobile Suit Nuzlocke Challenge is on hold this week as I’ve been busy preparing for Minamicon in Southampton this weekend. I’ll be firing up the DS again when I get back, and probably doing a write-up of the convention too. See you next week!

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